“Strategic Marketing for Schools’
understanding of the education
market is second to none.
As promised, they delivered results.”

Strategic Marketing for Schools | Recruit More Students for Your School

Helping you recruit more students

Competition between schools of every type is greater than ever. That’s why you need a proven, proactive and hands-on way to recruit more students.

Strategic Marketing for Schools offers you practical, common sense help and advice that works

We help educational organisations at all levels, both state and independent, to increase student numbers.

How we help you

Strategic Marketing for Schools offers a range of services that will help you promote your school like never before.

Marketing that makes a real difference to your student numbers

  • Marketing plans that deliver on objectives
  • More effective student recruitment processes: from your marketing material to the school tour - and beyond
  • Researching needs and wants of parents and students to help you understand and target them more effectively
  • Making the most of the web, email, PR, printed material, internal communications and direct marketing
  • Marketing workshops - without the theory or jargon

Managing and improving relationships with all your key stakeholders (e.g. local authorities, feeder schools, etc.)

Ultimately it is about increasing student applications and registrations.

Overview video about SMfS

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