“Strategic Marketing for Schools
has been pivotal in driving forward
the marketing of our school with
their no-nonsense and practical

Independent Schools | Changing Perceptions About Schools

Independent schools

The key challenge for many independent and non-maintained schools is getting your name talked about in a positive way at the dinner party table. This is half the battle – if not more!

We look at all aspects of your marketing to ensure that they join up to maximise the impact and the results.

The key areas for marketing independent schools are:

  • The image/perception of your school (the ‘brand’)
  • Your relationship with feeder schools
  • The effectiveness of your printed material, direct mail, advertising, web and email activities
  • Communication and relationship-building with prospective parents and students – including the tour and keeping in touch with them

The business case for marketing

As an independent school, if you invested £15,000 in a marketing campaign which recruited just three more students – and we expect many more than that! – you would achieve payback in less than one term. If they stayed for seven years the  additional revenue might be up to £300,000. That equates to extra profit of up to £200,000.

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