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Jonathan Fingerhut is regularly asked by the media for his comments on current educational issues including faith and parent promoted ‘free’ schools.

From national and local TV and radio to numerous national newspapers, the TES and other specialist press, Jonathan’s views are based on experience not rhetoric or political dogma.

Media comments

Click here to hear Jonathan Fingerhut talking to Mike Baker on about setting up Free Schools

  Click the play button to listen to Jonathan on "Sunday" on BBC Radio 4

"Jonathan Fingerhut, the leader of a parent group that has succeeded in setting up a voluntary-aided school in Barnet"   Read more...

Toby Young in the Daily Telegraph 9th March 2010

"Marketing consultant Jonathan Fingerhut, a parent and founding member of JCoSS, has certainly not found the process easy: "It took an unbelievable amount of time, effort and resources. Without access to lawyers, accountants and property people, it's would have been like shifting chairs on the Titanic."   Read more...

Lisa Freedman in The Times 10th December 2009

"Once those parents move on, the school becomes just like any other,” says Jonathan Fingerhut, who set up the Jewish Community Secondary School in Barnet, north London, opening in September."   Read more...

Catherine Paver in the TES 26th March 2010

"If I knew then what I know now, I would have thought twice about embarking on this odyssey." This is the wry comment of Jonathan Fingerhut, founding chair of the Jewish Community Secondary School (JCoSS), which is set to become one of only two parent-promoted schools in the country when it opens in Barnet in September."   Read more...

Jeremy Stowe Lindner in the TES 19th Feb 2010

"Setting up a faith school from scratch? Jonathan Fingerhut, trustee of a new Jewish school, talks to Yojana Sharma about the importance of faith and community."   Read more...

Yojana Sharma in TES 25th January 2008

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