“Jonathan Fingerhut’s knowledge
and understanding of the special
schools market, local authorities
and the DfE are truly excellent.”

Special Schools | Strategic Planning and Marketing for Schools

Special schools and specialist colleges

Special schools face many specialised and more specific challenges to mainstream schools. The way in which local authorities and other key stakeholders commission services has changed radically creating huge uncertainties for everyone involved: 

  • The Children & Families Act
  • School Funding Reform
  • The Health and Social Care Bill and the advent of clinical commissioning groups
  • The localisation agenda
  • The Education Funding Agency 
  • The introduction of Special Free Schools and Special Academies

These have created new and different challenges and opportunities. This makes the relationship between independent/non maintained special schools and local authorities even more critical.The changes being introduced by the coalition government have also raised growing uncertainties in the debate on inclusivity versus special schools and the funding arrangements.

The way forward for independent and non maintained special schools and specialist colleges

Faced with all of these factors, SMfS can review your current situation and recommend how to maintain and increase your enquiries from parents and students plus referrals from LAs and other areas.

We can also advise on the pros and cons of becoming a special Free School.

Our advice will ensure a solid and positive foundation to your relationship with all your stakeholders.

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