“It is hard for any group of parents
to promote a new school.
There is an enormous amount to
do and it is hard to find a way
through the maze.”

Free Schools - Practical and Creative Marketing for Schools

Free Schools

Jonathan Fingerhut, the managing partner of Strategic Marketing for Schools, was the founding chair of a groundbreaking parent group that established a new £50 million, 1,250 place, parent promoted secondary school in London in 2010

Strategic Marketing for Schools works collaboratively with everyone involved in setting up a new school, with the marketing planning and activities ideally beginning about two years before the target opening date. All marketing is therefore integrated seamlessly and effectively within the overall plan

As one of the first parent promoted school in the country, Jonathan’s extensive experience over nine years with national and local government puts him in a unique position to help others with similar ambitions

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 Listen to Jonathan Fingerhut reflecting on his experiences and lessons learnt in opening a new parent-promoted school:


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